Major Funding

Major Funding

We are delighted to be able to announce the following grants and sponsorships :

  • Federation of BC Naturalists and BC Nature: $4,000
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation: $21,800
  • Fortis BC: $15,000
  • TransCanada: $10,000
  • The Calgary Foundation: $2,000
  • City of Prince George Social Development Grant: $1,500
  • TD Community Giving/Friends of the Environment: $13,300
  • Highglen Montessori School: $1,000
  • Canadian Homebuilders of Northern BC: $1,000
  • Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd Employee Group: $1,000

In addition, a bequest from the Estate of Val Goodwin, in association with the City, is allowing a number of enhancements.

In-kind contributions have also been provided by:

  • McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd
  • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
  • HDFX Image
  • Shallow Bay Contracting

A note to corporations, philanthropists, and those wishing to remember loved ones:

The project will have a measurable effect on the quality of life of the city’s residents, and will undoubtedly have a dramatic effect on the lives of some young people. The wetland will become an accessible oasis of nature in the centre of the city, and in association with The Exploration Place, there will be a steady stream of interpretation events aimed at the young, parents, and all ages. A love of nature will, for many, be born, fostered or developed here.

There are numerous opportunities for funders to get involved, in an immediately visible way, while providing a permanent legacy. In particular, the connecting boardwalk/bridge, completing the circular walk, will have perhaps the highest profile of all enhancements. The earthen one-in-twelve ramp in the channel area will also complete the universal-access route, allowing a nature path to become accessible to people with all levels of mobility.

WoodDuckPair2Photo: people are often astonished when they see their first wood ducks, which seem to be too ornate to be wild – but wild they are, and will be seen at close range at the wetland when all the observation features have been added.

In the first stage of the project, the focus had been on the first section of the walk – the channel – and funding was gained for all elements of this phase with the exception of the earthen ramp. Attention then turned to the ponded area west of Queensway, and two elevated observation decks were added, allowing views of the whole ponded area. The project is now in its final stages: the footbridge / boardwalk and the earthen ramp will see the wetland fully opened and accessible to everyone interested in nature.

NightPhoto: another flamboyant creature likely to amaze people on first sighting is the great blue heron – also no stranger to Prince George, and now seen with some regularity, and at close range, in the enhanced habitat.


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